Cute Cat Christmas Cards

Cat Christmas Cards You Can Customize

Sending a cat Christmas card to your family and friends is a fun way to celebrate Christmas. A cute cat in a Santa hat brings a smile to your face when you open the envelope and see that silly cat. Let me help you pick out the perfect Christmas cat card for you to send out this year. Many of these cards can have the text changed on the front of the card as well as adding your own personal message inside the card by clicking on the card and then the customize button.

Some of the cards are quite silly and others are more traditional or vintage looking Christmas card scenes.

These 5 cats featured here are our own family cats. I really enjoy taking photos of my cats and making cards from their photos. How do you like that cat on a ledge just about to bite the Christmas tree? It makes me laugh each time I see it.

I think the cats are so cute in their costumes. I don’t have them in the costumes long, just long enough to get my photos and then they get some kitty treats to munch on after the costumes are off.

blue Christmas ball

Here are couple of vintage style cat artwork scenes I just love.

I love how Santa is cuddling the cats. There is a cat in the window and it is snowing outside. There is a pretty little quilt on the arm of the chair where Santa is resting. Next to the chair is a table with a small snowglobe with a cat inside and it says on the bottom “I love Cats” – with a heart. You can partially see an old fashioned Christmas tree in behind the chair.

blue Christmas ball

Here is another sweet vintage cat. This cat playing with an ornament on a Christmas tree is a really nostalgic vintage Christmas scene.

My cats love to knock ornaments off the tree. This cat on the card is just carefully tapping at the ornament. That is usually the first step, just tap it and test it. Next it gets a firmer little bop and then a bam! off the tree.

blue Christmas ball

 We cannot forget a Christmas card from the cat!
I love little orange cats and this one is such a cutie. The cat has a little red Christmas collar with little jingle bells on each point on the collar. This cat has a hold of one of the jingle bells and is biting it.

blue Christmas ball

Once you have picked your card out and customized it, don’t forget to add some custom Christmas kitty postage.

This little Santa cat in the snow is so adorable. There is a little wrapped Christmas present next to the kitty in the snow.

You can pick out a Christmas cat address label for your envelope to finish off your Christmas kitty cat theme.

Any animal lover will appreciate the cat themed Christmas card. You don’t have to be a crazy cat person to enjoy the cuteness each of these little kitties.
Merry Christmas!