Hello Autumn

The beginning of Autumn and cooler temps

If you live in an area with hot unbearable summer heat you probably are relieved at the beginning of Autumn. Autumn or fall? Which do you call it? I wonder if either word is more popular in different areas of the country? In many areas the leaves turn beautiful colors as the season changes. I love beautiful fall scenes with the golden tones and brown and orange colors. It feels like home to me and cozy.

I designed a t-shirt with a big tree that has the leaves that are changing color and beginning to fall off the tree. There are 2 lines of text that can be changed to say whatever you want. Maybe add a phrase about autumn or your home town or state?


Celebrate your love of Autumn wearing this adorable t-shirt.

A nice way to bring some of the fall colors in your home or office is by putting up posters of beautiful outdoor scenes. Add a frame to it and you have a beautiful piece of art for your wall.

I find the fall colors in this poster just stunning as they are reflected in the water. This really brings Autumn alive.

This beautiful stream surrounded by trees with their leaves turning color is so peaceful. I can imagine how the water sounds as it goes down the stream. This would be a really relaxing scene to help calm you during a tough day at the office.

I love how the colors of the trees and leaves everywhere make this image almost glow with fall colors.

The green moss on the tree trunk adds a great contrast of color to all they bright orange and yellow leaves. I want to walk down this road and enjoy the beauty of nature.

And finally another beautiful scene of Autumn on a country road. This really makes me want to see what is further down that road.

I hope you enjoyed these images of Autumn and enjoy your family traditions of harvest fairs, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is a beautiful time of year to enjoy and make more memories to treasure.

Customize Your Emergency Card

Emergency Card to personalize

You might think an emergency card is outdated because most of us have all our data on our cell phones. Why use paper? Let me share with you why paper is a great backup plan to your electronic device.

Many times in an emergency like a car accident, a cell phone can be thrown from the car or damaged and cannot be turned on. If all your emergency contact info is on that phone, the emergency personnel will have a harder time contacting your family if you are unconscious.  Just think if you had this card visible in your wallet along with your driver’s license. They will have all the info in one place to contact the people you have designated.

Another issue with having your contact info only on your electronic device is that many have a locking password capability that know one else can access and it will not help at all if you are not conscious.

On the front of the card, you see a very simple card, there are no images or graphics to interfere with the contact data.  On the top is the title in light red tone “My Emergency Contacts:” and on the bottom it reads “Special Instructions On The Back*.

There are 4 lines of black text read “Type Contact Name And Number Here”. All the lines of text on this card can be customized with  your personal information.
Now lets take a look at the back of the card.

On the back are some examples of the special instructions that you may want to include on your card but these can be changed to whatever you want. Notice that pets are mentioned. If you have a pet and it is alone at home, you are going to want someone to feed and care for the pet if you are going to be in the hospital unable to make arrangements for it. Some people like a separate card for the pet info, but I heard a nurse say, once they find a contact card with people’s names, they don’t look any further for a separate pet card.