Cat All Over Print Shirts

Really Cool Cat All Over Print Shirts

A new men’s T-shirt style at Zazzle is now what they call the all over print style. Instead of a square area in the t-shirt being printed on, the front from top to bottom will be printed. The back and sleeves are not printed and you can see the back side in this first example.

Our sweet tabby looks like a glowing ghost kitty here with this graphic design effect.
What’s great about t-shirts from Zazzle is you can add your own custom text.
This cat looks also ghostly but also a little scary. I love how the eyes turned out for this one and the big whiskers too.
If you love Steampunk, this kitty should make you happy. There are Valentine envelopes floating all over the place and he even has a few stashed in his hat band. The gears on his top hat, his googles and his big mustache makes him a cool steampunk cat.
Aren’t these shirts just catastic?

You can see all the men’s all over print cat shirts here – Men’s Cat Shirts (or search for other images there)

I hope you find the purrfect shirt for you or your cat loving friend, or both of you.

Flexible Magnet Review

Flexible Magnet

A fun cat lover Dishwasher magnet

This photo was sent to my by a happy customer. She told me she loved the way it printed up and it stuck nicely to her dishwasher.

I designed the cat litter box with two views. There is text that reads “Dirty” and “Clean” above each cat box. One is a very dirty cat box that needs to be cleaned and has little pieces of cat poop that spell out “dirty”. The other one is a nice clean cat box. This magnet will work on a metal faced dishwasher that other magnets will stick to. If you have a load of dirty dishes, just place it on the dishwasher with the dirty cat box up. If your load of dishes are clean and you haven’t emptied it out yet, just turn the magnet to the clean box up. That should help prevent someone from adding dirty dishes to your clean dishes waiting to be put away.

I recommend this to any cat lover with a good sense of humor. If you are giving it as a gift, be sure they laugh at potty humor.

Here is a link to the magnet in my shop if you want to see the purchasing information:
Flexible Magnet Clean And Dirty Litter Box


Cool Journals With Cats

Cute And Adorable Journals With Cats

It is getting harder to find nice quality journals today but I can assure you these are very nice. There is a video a little further down on this page that you can watch to see how these are made. You can also customize the journals with your own photo or add custom text.

Here is an example of a pocket journal cover with this cute artistic cat cartoon on it. The pocket journal is shown open, so you can see both the front and back covers. You can also have printing on the inside of the front and back covers.

If you click on the image for the pocket journal, it will take you to the product page where you can personalize it by clicking on the customize button. There you will get an option to change the image and even add custom text. This would make a nice personalized gift for someone you know.

Theses bound pocket journals are 3.5″ l x 1/8″ w x 5.5″ h. There are 48 pages and you can choose what paper is inside: blank, grid or lined and even an option for a checklist style page. The pocket journals are small and compact to fit in your pocket or purse easily.

Journals are useful for a countless number of projects such as, school, work, doodling, anything you can think of for keeping handy on paper. Some people journal for inspiration, some to keep track of ideas or remember things they don’t want to forget. A food journal is a popular way to keep track of the foods your eat for any kind of dietary needs and it can be combined with tracking exercise too. I have heard of people using a journal on a trip for recording things they have seen or events that has happened on the trip so they don’t forget the details when they get home. A journal can be good for writing in your own recipes or planning an event like a vacation or wedding. Writing in a journal can be very therapeutic. Your most private feelings can be written down in diary form or free form. The best thing is there are no rules for how to use a journal. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can watch this short video on how the journals are made. I love seeing how things are done behind the scenes.

Here are some fun pocket journals with cats on them. The minimum printing is the front cover. These journals may or may not have printing inside the covers and on the back.

Korean Cat Pocket JournalKorean Cat Pocket Journal

Girly Whimsical Cats aztec floral stripes pattern JournalGirly Whimsical Cats aztec floral stripes pattern Journal

Cat Shaped Rainbow Twirl JournalCat Shaped Rainbow Twirl Journal

Wild Lion Sketch Abstract Watercolor Splatters JournalWild Lion Sketch Abstract Watercolor Splatters Journal

I Love Cats!!! JournalsI Love Cats!!! Journals

Black Cat Shopping List JournalsBlack Cat Shopping List Journals

Red Cat Illustration JournalsRed Cat Illustration Journals

Orange Tabby Hipster Cat JournalOrange Tabby Hipster Cat Journal

Ginger Tabby Cat and Butterfly JournalGinger Tabby Cat and Butterfly Journal

Tuxedo Cat and White Butterfly Painting JournalsTuxedo Cat and White Butterfly Painting Journals

Tuxedo Cat Resting on Scarves Painting JournalTuxedo Cat Resting on Scarves Painting Journal

Asian Semi-Longhair Cat Cartoon JournalsAsian Semi-Longhair Cat Cartoon Journals

Orange cat, pink polka dots journalsOrange cat, pink polka dots journals

Black and white cat journalsBlack and white cat journals

Louie cat personalized chalkboard pocket journalLouie cat personalized chalkboard pocket journal

Sweet Baby Cat JournalSweet Baby Cat Journal

Steampunk DJ cats notebook JournalsSteampunk DJ cats notebook Journals

My Cat is Acting Up Tiger Portrait Energy JournalMy Cat is Acting Up Tiger Portrait Energy Journal

Asio going for it journalsAsio going for it journals

Chilled cat journalsChilled cat journals


Look at the entire collection of bound journals at


If you do not want a small bound book, there is a larger spiral journal style available. The spiral book is 6.5″ x 8.75″ and the printing is only on the front cover. There are 80 black and white lined pages (no option for other papers) and the spiral is made so the book will lay flat when open.

Here are some more really cute cat spiral journals. I hope you enjoy them and find some fun ones for your friends, family and yourself.

Warriors Cats Thunderclan NotebookWarriors Cats Thunderclan Notebook

Cat Tales NotebooksCat Tales Notebooks

Personalized Cat Lady Spiral NotebooksPersonalized Cat Lady Spiral Notebooks

Funny cat wearing glasses photo notebook designFunny cat wearing glasses photo notebook design

Cheshire Cat NotebooksCheshire Cat Notebooks

Sphynx Cat with surprised expression Note BookSphynx Cat with surprised expression Note Book

Portrait of Calico cat JournalPortrait of Calico cat Journal

Cat and Fairy NotebookCat and Fairy Notebook

Girly Whimsical Cats Rainbow Glitter pattern Note BooksGirly Whimsical Cats Rainbow Glitter pattern Note Books

Piano playing cat spiral note booksPiano playing cat spiral note books

I'm All Ears: Calico Cat Portrait Note BookI’m All Ears: Calico Cat Portrait Note Book

Cheetah cub spiral note bookCheetah cub spiral note book

Ragdoll cat on computer keyboard notebookRagdoll cat on computer keyboard notebook

Black Panther Cat NotebookBlack Panther Cat Notebook

Ragdoll Cats Blue Bicolor Male Spiral Note BookRagdoll Cats Blue Bicolor Male Spiral Note Book

Cats JournalsCats Journals

Heartthrob Cat Spiral NotebookHeartthrob Cat Spiral Notebook

Peace Love Paws Spiral NotebooksPeace Love Paws Spiral Notebooks

Keep Calm and Love Cats (in any color) Note BooksKeep Calm and Love Cats (in any color) Note Books

“Princess with a Maine Coon Cat” Notebook