Cats On Postage Stamps

Cat Lover  Postage Stamps For All Occasions

I love the cute custom cat postage stamps. Some are funny, some are sweet and there are some that are great for Christmas and Halloween. There is even a cat on a 4th of July stamp.  Some of the cats are digitally drawn and the photos of cats are cats that have been part of our family. The cats in costumes are wearing real costumes.   There are the cats wearing the Santa hat (not tis the season design), the joker hat, pumpkin hat, princess hat, pirate hat, clown hat, business tie, pet t-shirt, witch hat and partial view of a vampire collar.  The cats only have the costumes on for a very brief moment and I take a few quick photos. They love the attention and the treats they get.

Don’t limit yourself to just using cute postage on invitations, use them on anything you mail. They will bring a smile to anyone who sees these funny and cute cats.

Bengal Cat Postage Stamp

Pirate Cat Postage Stamps

Bengal Cat Curl Postage Stamps

Sweet Heart Cat Stamps

Dressed Bengal Cat Stamps

Bengal Joker Cat Stamp

Pink Princess Bengal Cat Stamps

Colorful Glowing Bengal Cat Stamps

Cute Bengal Cat Clown Postage Stamp

Brown Spotted Cat Praying Stamps

Bengal Cat Kiss Postage

Im Going Green Kitty Postage

Little Orange Kitten Postage Stamp

Kitty Missing You Postage

Cat Ready For Dinner Postage Stamps

Crowned Tabby Cat Postage Stamps

Savannah Cat In A Tie Stamp

Purring In Progress Stamp

Leaning Bengal Cat Stamp

July 4th Cat With Stars Postage Stamps

Smiling Orange Kitten Stamps

Entering Dreamland Stamp

Day Dreaming Cat Stamp

Fat Fuzzy Cat Stamp

Dancing Cats Silhouettes Stamps

Siamese In Window Wishing Stamps

Confused Christmas Cat Stamps

Happy Halloween Cat Stamps

Santa Bengal Cat Postage Stamp

Conjouring Cats Stamps

Santas Little Helper Postage Stamp

Frankenkitty Postage Stamps

Santa Kitty Looking Postage Stamps

Tis The Season Santa Cat Stamp

Cat Eating Christmas Tree Postage Stamps

Happy Halloween Wizard Cat Postage Stamp

Pumpkin Hat Cat Postage

Wizard Kitty Stamps

Steampunk Kitty Postage Stamp

Witch Kitty Stamps

Cat Lover Wreath Postage Stamps

I Cannot Resist An Adorable Kitten

These Adorable Kittens Have Stolen My Heart


If you are a cat lover, I am sure you will agree that these adorable kittens make you want to just snuggle them and kiss them on their precious little heads.

Look at this sweet kitten with blue eyes and fluffy orange and white fur. The flowers in the background are so pretty and look great with the kitten.
This item is an ipad air case and there is a place to change the monogram and text to match your name.

Or you can buy as a phone case, there are several other phone case styles for over a dozen phone types available on the product page under “style options”.

Here is another adorable kitten to steal your heart. Get ready to squeeeee in delight. Another precious blue eyed baby with fluffy fur. I love the pink and purple flowers and green leaves surrounding the baby kitten.
This kitten is on a customizable note card where you can change the text that is on it and add your own inside. It would make a sweet thank you card and even a nice small birthday card to go with a special small gift.

This beautiful white fluffy kitten is featured on a binder with pretty swirls or flourishes in light and dark pink and also black and gray. The back has bright pink swirls. You can add your own text down the spine of the binder and change the text on the front. The binder is empty inside and you can add your own paper or photo inserts. They make great photo albums and recipe books, or just a very special school binder. The pink flowers with yellow centers add the perfect touch to this kitten portrait.

There are many more items available in the shop with kittens on them. There are items for your home such as pillows, clocks, coffee mugs, cute accessories like watches and necklaces and many more items.

To see the whole collection of kittens please visit the Precious Kittens Store

Cat All Over Print Shirts

Really Cool Cat All Over Print Shirts

A new men’s T-shirt style at Zazzle is now what they call the all over print style. Instead of a square area in the t-shirt being printed on, the front from top to bottom will be printed. The back and sleeves are not printed and you can see the back side in this first example.

Our sweet tabby looks like a glowing ghost kitty here with this graphic design effect.
What’s great about t-shirts from Zazzle is you can add your own custom text.
This cat looks also ghostly but also a little scary. I love how the eyes turned out for this one and the big whiskers too.
If you love Steampunk, this kitty should make you happy. There are Valentine envelopes floating all over the place and he even has a few stashed in his hat band. The gears on his top hat, his googles and his big mustache makes him a cool steampunk cat.
Aren’t these shirts just catastic?

You can see all the men’s all over print cat shirts here – Men’s Cat Shirts (or search for other images there)

I hope you find the purrfect shirt for you or your cat loving friend, or both of you.