Make It Personal With Your Instagram Photos

Make a personal gift or something for yourself with your Instagram photos.

Everyone loves nice photos from their friends and family and Instagram photos are fun to share online. But what about having a permanent image in your home or office instead of just on the screen? Or how cool is it to give a wonderful personalized gift you created for someone special?  Your photos make it personal, custom, one of a kind, created with thought and care. You can’t beat that for a gift!  It is also a great way to preserve some of your travel photos instead of a photo album you never look at sitting on a shelf. Take a few moments to see some of my favorite finds of these customizable products.


This mug can take 8 instagram photos plus you can change the monogram letter to the one you need. I think this would be a great item on your desk at work. If you don’t use it to drink from you could put your pens and pencils in it.



I love this cute black and white design with a big heart on this mug. You can change out the 2 photos to your own. They don’t have to be a black and white photo. Great gift idea for someone you love for Valentine’s day or any day.


This pillow would look fantastic with your family photos. I think this would be great for parents and grandparents. I know my parents would love this and it is going on my shopping list.

This would also be a lovely colorful display of your vacation photos collection with this pillow on your couch or chair.


And for my cat lovers, this great little cat bowl to add your cat’s own photos. Of course it could be dog photos too. The small bowls are nice for a water bowl for cats and I believe the large bowl is fine for dogs.

Instagram Cats Pet Bowls
Instagram Cats Pet Bowls by Antepara
View Cat Pet Bowls online at zazzle


Here is a fun custom throw blanket that you can change out the photos to your own cat (or any photo)  and change out the text to what you want to say.


If you have a large collection of photos, they would be great on this throw blanket. Imagine sharing your family photos, the grandkids for grandma and grandpa, or old photos from your families past which would be a fun family history blanket. This could even be a great memory blanket with photos to honor someone who has passed away. Memory quilts are very popular from people that sew, creating this photo blanket is perfect for people that don’t sew.
Personalized Instagram Photo Throw Blanket
Personalized Instagram Photo Throw Blanket by 2BirdStone
Browse for another Throw Blanket at Zazzle


Another fun custom gift for your furry family member is a pet bed that you can put your pets photo and monogram on it. This is a truly pampered pet gift.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of gift ideas that you can create with your Instagram photos.  There are other products available that you can customize that are too many to share one by one. You can check them all out on the link below. Have fun creating your own beautiful gift.

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